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Extortionist arrested after motor vehicle violations


Less than two months ago, a federal judge sentenced extortionist Jessica Wolcott to 21 months in prison and gave her a stern warning: Violate the law again and the consequences will be severe.

Wolcott, who pleaded guilty to demanding $125,000 from a Pepsi Bottling Group Inc. executive in return for not disclosing their relationship, was arrested on motor vehicle violations last week and is being charged with violating terms of her release.

According to court records, state police stopped Wolcott for speeding Jan. 31 in the town of Lisle and found that she was driving with a revoked license.

The trooper also found that Wolcott had an envelope stuffed with $10,000 in cash.

That prompted the trooper to call drug agents who showed up on the scene with a drug-sniffing dog.

The dog searched the car and Wolcott’s belongings and “responded positively� to the envelope containing the money.

A federal pre-trial officer is urging that Wolcott be ordered to being her sentence on the extortion charge immediately. She is currently scheduled to begin the sentence on April 1.

Wolcott was arrested for the extortion charge in 2006 after she met an executive with Somers-based Pepsi Bottling on the Internet.

The two set up a meeting at a bar in Mount Kisco and the executive gave Wolcott $30,000 that she said she needed to pay bills. Wolcott later demanded an additional $125,000.

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